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In the 1980's of the past century Mr. Wijnberg Tokoe, owner of Myrysji Tours Suriname, went to Paramaribo for further education. He returned to Galibi (Langamankondre and Christiaankondre) with the idea to bring development to his village. In June 1986 a conflict started between a group of men from the interior and the army isolated the district Marowijne. In April 1992, after the conflict ended, Mr. Wijnberg started with a 3 bedroom vacation lodge, mainly for friends and acquaintances from Paramaribo. By following a variety of tourism courses he took the initiative to further specialize in tourism development in his village. Myrysji Tours Suriname is one of the first who put the villages, Langaman- and Christiaankondre, on the map of Suriname. Every year he invested in his building turning it into the comfortable Myrysji Lodge. In 2004 Myrysji Tours Suriname won the BID golden management award in Madrid, Spain.



Since 2011 - 2012 we received our environmental awareness certificate from Stichting Samarja. Because we take good care of our surroundings.

Mission Statement

As a Destination Management Company,we perfectly understand the needs of people who are traveling abroad to a country with different culture and traditions. We are an enthusiastic and professional crew that is passionate about tourism and can offer the best, most unforgettable travel experience of their lives. The staff and all employees think “green” and represent this across all departments within the organization. All employees are well trained to reduce waste, water and energy consumption. We encourage our employees, suppliers and guests to be environmentally aware through initiatives such as recycling and energy efficiency. Myrysji Tours Suriname prefers sustainable products from local businesses at all purchasing levels. Our aim is to use our skills and experience to support local and national initiatives, which encourage our staff to be involved and have a positive impact with the communities in which they live and work. This company has an ecolodge located in Galibi, a nesting place for sea turtles and is playing a very important role to protect wildlife and that to promote awareness and reduction of waste in water as on land. They have also won a Travelife bronze award. With the Travelife programme we want to go to the next level. There is an endless list of opportunities to experience Suriname and get lost within the local culture. Let us provide you the proper tools to see this truly amazing destination from a local`s perspective.

Special Offers
Special offer for residents of Suriname
Galibi 2 days/ 1 night

Price: SRD550,- per person
Minimum of 10 persons.

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Bibliotheek Galibi
"Books are welcome in the village. We have space on board our boat to transport these books to Galibi", says Wijnberg Tokoe, owner of Myrysji Tours Suriname. Bibliotheek Galibi was founded on May 29, 2010 by Jennifer Gangaram, a vigilant young woman whose heart goes out to the people of Galibi. Every school holiday she heads out to Galibi with her team for educational activities. View all news items
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